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When I found out I had Breast Cancer In March 2013, I was completely gobsmacked by the diagnosis as I thought Cancer only happened to other people! After all  we all think it will never be you.

It had been a long diagnose coming though as I had been to the Dr's many times with symptoms but was always told all was well. Naturally you believe what the Dr's tell you after all they are the "experts". so I plodded on with my daily life until the symptoms were so bad the  Dr's finally took notice and sent me to a Breast clinic. Immediately I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. So my message to anyone that may think something is not right do not sit back and take the opinion of one medic. If you believe they are not right always ask for a second opinion. YOU know your own body. Cancer has a very high cure rate if it is caught early.


I under went a lumpectomy, a course of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy over a 6 month period. It was a very emotional and physical time but I got through it and believed I had beaten the Cancer and I could get on with my life. So that is when I decided I would start raising money to help in battling this disease.


I have with help from some incredible people managed to raise around £35,000 so far. This money has been going to Cancer Research UK helping in their research to understand cancer and find new drugs that can cure or assist people with cancer.


Last year I found out that my Breast Cancer was not caught early enough and I it had spread into some of my bones. This year I have now found that the cancer has now also travelled to my lungs.

This type of cancer is called Metastic Breast Cancer, Secondary Cancer or Stage 4 Breast cancer.

Although this type of cancer has no cure it can be treated, the aim of treatment is to control the cancer, relieve symptoms and maintain a good quality of live for as long as possible.


I am taking a medication called Letrozole and a new Chemotherapy tablet which has not been out long called Palbociclib. This is how advanced our Cancer treatment has come. I can live with Cancer for hopefully many years to come thanks to companies like Cancer Research discovering new things all the time. I am confident that one day a cure or preventative will come along.


This is why its so important for you all to join us in helping these companies to carry on with their research, I am living proof that new research is occurring all the time and cancer does not have to be the end.


My ambition is to continuing raising money for Cancer Research but also help other Cancer charities that help cancer victims and their families with care, emotional and financial support.


Cancer effects so many people, but if we all unite I believe we can give cancer the boot!

Kate Freeman

Winky Kicks Cancer founder.

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